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General Manager of Munich fairs and his delegation visited Donnor Expo for mutual exchanges

On July 30, 2023, Stefan Rummel, CEO of Munich Expo Group, Collin Davis, Executive Director, and Xu Jia, CEO of Messe München (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and his party visited Donnor Shanghai to hold a symposium on friendly exchanges. Mr. Pan Wei, Chairman of Donnor Shanghai, Mr. Chen Xiqiang, Vice Chairman of Donnor Shanghai, Mr. Peng Chong, General Manager of Donnor Shanghai, and Mr. Chen Saijun, Vice General Manager of Donnor  Shanghai, attended the meeting.


Both sides discussed the future development of the sports and fitness exhibition platform in today's China and even the global sports and fitness industry trend. After in-depth communication and exchange of the current situation of the industry, both sides showed optimism about the future. The atmosphere of the meeting was very pleasant, and both parties actively exchanged their views and committed themselves to the common prosperity and development of the sports and fitness exhibition industry in China and Germany.